Before applying, please read carefully the Guide for Applicant (Part 1.Presentation of the HERMES programme  and Part2. Before Applying. This will allow you to check your eligibility, identify the possible mobility duration and the courses, programmes and specific requirements at the host university (EU, Middle East). Please pay particular attention to the specific admission requirements of the respective study programme, additional documents to be uploaded, language of instruction, required language certificates to be uploaded, link to courses/ECTS/learning outcomes.
The application must be submitted online only. Consequently, please read carefully the instructions given by the Guide for Applicant Part 3. Application process .  Depending on the level of mobility you would like to apply for, upload all mandatory selection documents and make sure to have all necessary documents translated as certified copies, scanned and in pdf-format. Finally, go to the apply now​ page  and complete the application form.
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