Post Doctorate


 * Important notice to all applicants (European)  to the 2nd call (November-December 2014): 
     no scholarships available for Post-Doctorates.




If you are post-doctorate:

1.  You must apply online respecting the deadline.

2.  The online application consists of  six sections. Sections have to be filled in order ( you have to fill section 1  before you can go section 2, section 2 has to be filled before  you can move to section 3, the same applies until you reach the last section). Data has to be saved for each section by clicking the save button placed in each section, in addition, data can be updated and saved again any time prior to final application submission.

3.  The sections mentioned above are:

             * Section 1: Applicant personal information
             * Section 2:  Applicant academic information
             * Section 3: Language skills
             * Section 4: My application
             * Section 5: Upload files
                 * Section 6: Submit 


4.  Required documents that need to be uploaded in the upload section are:

                 Your CV in English (TheEUROPASS format to be uploaded)

                 The copy of your passport or ID

                      Motivation letter

                  Letters ofrecommendation

                      Transcript of records (optional)

                 Your student card or a certificate of registration (TG1 and TG2)

                 The signed Statement on oath, if your nationality  is Jordanian, Lebanese, Palestinian.

A scanned copy of your doctoral certificate (if you are currently completing your doctorate, your application is conditional upon the award of your doctorate before the starting of your mobility)

A presentation of intended research project and objectives set for the exchanges approved by the research director or the laboratory director of the home university/The workplan ​signed by the home university

The details of the academic work and publications 

 The scanned copy of the acceptance letter signed by the hosting laboratory approving the scholarship holder’s project​

- Priority for host universities: you have the possibility to make two choices of host universities. In case your application is rejected by the university of 1st choice, your application is forwarded to the university of 2nd choice.

5.                Submit your application by clicking on "submit application button": Once you click on “submit application button” after the completion of the five sections described above, you will not have access anymore to your application and no more changes will be allowed. So, please make sure to carefully review your application before hitting the "submit application button".



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